Research has shown us that our immune system relies on our brain and central nervous system to choose the best way to respond to potential health threats.1 These 2 super-systems, the central nervous system and immune system, are linked and work together to notice and respond properly to anything that may harm you.1,2

We now know that when your spine is not moving properly, this obstruction changes the way your brain can sense what is happening and how it controls your body.3 Research has also shown, if your chiropractor adjusts your spine and improves the way it’s moving, it can help your brain to more accurately respond.4,5

This means that when you get adjusted by your chiropractor, it may help you to respond and adapt to your environment easier and allow your nervous system and your immune system to talk to each other better, to keep you balanced and strong. But we need to do more research to really find out if chiropractic care really does help improve the function of your immune system in a way that’s important for your health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is widely known for its role in calcium balance, bone health maintenance and increasingly known to be vital to many areas of chronic disease prevention.

But did you know – Activated vitamin D functions more as a hormone than a vitamin?

It has roles in immune function, insulin and thyroid hormone secretion, cell cycle regulation, cardiovascular function and the control of inflammation. Due to its wide range of actions, and the high incidence of vitamin D3 deficiency, supplementing with a stable form of vitamin D3 has the potential to benefit so many people.6

Image Source: Metagenics7 A supplementation example.

Please check with your healthcare provider to see if supplementation is right for you.

Sources of Vitamin D

For most people, the Sun’s UVB radiation is the main natural source of Vitamin D3. Sunscreens and high skin pigmentation can reduce the UVB-mediated production of D3 – for example, SPF15 factor sunscreen can reduce D3 production by 99%.

Dietary sources are limited, including animal products such as oily fish and egg yolks. Vitamin D3 is metabolised by the liver which is then converted in the kidney to the active form.

Speak to your health professional about what is best for your health.


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