Kids and Chiropractic

Why Should My Kids Get Checked?

What makes chiropractic the world’s most evidence-based healthcare profession in the area of spinal health, spine-related functional ability, and spine-related quality of life is the unique focus on the importance of, and relationship among, segmental spinal motion, alignment, neurology, spinal health, and overall health.

What makes chiropractors so uniquely qualified as safe and effective practitioners are their years of scientific education and clinical training regarding the identification and correction of areas of segmental spinal dysfunction (vertebral subluxation complex) and related neurological and biomechanical functional losses as well as the importance of overall spinal health, lifestyle, and general wellness and prevention.

The importance of spinal health and spine-related quality of life is not limited to adults; children and infants have the same pain and motion receptors in their spines and neuromusculoskeletal systems which can lead to spine-related pain and loss of quality of life – infants and children feel pain and they deserve proper spinal care. Infants can suffer significant neuromusculoskeletal trauma during the birthing process and of course infants and children can be exposed to many neuromusculoskeletal traumas in day to day life including poor sleeping postures, falls, and other stressors.

The idea that somehow infants and children could not suffer from spine-related symptoms including back pain, neck pain, and even headaches is illogical and unscientific; just think of torticollis or “wry neck”.

Gentle chiropractic care appropriately modified for the developmental age of infants and children has been shown to be both clinically effective and safe.

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