Detox Your Home

This month we are talking all things DETOX.

About 2 years ago, following some pathology that showed a decrease in my thyroid function and an increase in my estrogen, I decided to have a real look at the products and items in my home and how they were affecting my health. My journey was a long one. It took me some time to reach the point I am currently at.

My advice when embarking on this journey is don’t expect to do it all in one go. Replacing every cleaning and self-care product in your home is expensive, so I just replaced things as they ran out or broke.

Areas to consider.

Plastic containers. These contain hormone disrupting chemicals. DO NOT heat plastic, or put hot food into them as this liberates these chemicals. There are many glass containers available. I found Kmart and Ikea the most cost effective. You can also repurpose old jars.

Self-care products and makeup. A typical product will contain 15-50 chemicals. Considering most women use an average of 9 self-care products per day this means we are potentially putting up to 550 individual chemicals on our bodies each day1 ! Have a look for more natural makeup and self-care brands or if you have time you can make your own.

Cleaning products. These obviously contain a ludicrous amount of chemicals and artificial fragrances. Have a look at the environmental working group for green cleaners2. Many are readily available from the super market.

Food. Conventionally grown foods are typically produced using pesticides. Where you can, buy organic. If it’s not in your budget to buy completely organic then consider buying items from the “Dirty Dozen”3 list from the environmental working group. This lists the produce with the heaviest pesticide residues. Another consideration is buying as many foods as you can with no labels or as little recognisable ingredients as possible.

References: 1. Australian Academy of Science 2. EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning 3. EWG’s Dirty Dozen