Dry Needling (Part One)

Dry Needling appointments now available with Catherine.

Sounds confronting? Don’t worry, it’s nothing like a medical injection!

Those hypodermic needles can be >2mm wide (thicker than the average earring post), while the needles Catherine uses are only 0.3mm wide (twice the thickness of human hair).

Dry needling treatment can be virtually painless!

The majority of the time there is no sensation after the first second or so, but sometimes it can feel like a muscle ache (similar to pushing on a knot in the muscles during a massage); the good news is that you’re in control of the intensity! Catherine’s aim is to find the minimal amount of treatment and the least intense that your body needs.

What’s the process?

Your practitioner at Caring Hands Chiropractic may suggest a dry needling appointment. Please advise our chiropractic assistant team at reception that a dry needling appointment with/or without an adjustment has been suggested. Either Toni or Shanna will provide you with a dry needling Consent Form to complete and return prior to your dry needling appointment.

On the day try to wear something that allows access to the skin of the area to be treated, if that’s not possible, no problem! We have gowns for you to change into.

Catherine will assess the region(s) to be treated, wipe the area with an alcohol solution to sterilise the skin, and then use sterile, single-use needles for your treatment.

Dry Needling (Part 2) will be out next Friday. Dry needling vs acupuncture, what is it, and what’s the difference?


What else should you know about dry needling? Please read here