Prepares you emotionally, mentally, and physically for birth.

Calmbirth® is Australia’s leading and fastest-growing Childbirth Education Program.

Calmbirth® takes a very holistic and evidence-based approach to its education with the fundamental underpinning of the program being the Mind-Body-Birth Connection.

Pregnant couples and Birth workers alike are educated and reminded in Calmbirth® courses, of the resources the female body has to grow, nurture, and birth babies and the importance of acknowledging the role that our beliefs and emotions towards childbirth have, on not only the physical but also the emotional wellbeing of mothers and babies.

Calmbirth® has been changing the narrative of our birth culture for over 17 years since they first started educating and empowering pregnant couples with knowledge, confidence, and skills about birth. They have now seen over 45,000 couples and are in 8 major maternity hospitals in NSW.

Calmbirth® has led the way in changing birth culture and birth outcomes by normalising and enriching pregnant couples’ birth experiences.

  • By informing couples of their birth choices and rights and empowering them to birth with the support of their partners and caregivers.
  • By reframing birth and empowering women to work with their bodies, partners, and caregivers to create the best birth experience.
  • By learning how to retrain your response to stress by instilling confidence in yourself, so that you can work with birth on all levels. Calmbirth® teaches you to be proactive in your birth as opposed to reactive. The program includes fear release techniques through guided relaxation, to facilitate emotional subconscious healing of fear and anxiety about childbirth to help you move past any negative emotions around birth.
  • By learning complimentary therapies such as active birth positioning, accupressure points for pregnancy, labour and birth, massage techniques, Calmbirth® breathing techniques, visualisations and guided relaxations to help reduce pain naturally as well as getting you in the right head space.

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Special thanks to author at Calmbirth®, Liz Uiana for this informative introduction to Calmbirth®.