Did you know we are made up of a combination of human cells and micro-organisms? This is known as your microbiome. Just focusing on the bacterial side of our microbiome of which most are beneficial to our health and wellbeing and a small number (if allowed to heavily populate) can cause disease. However having theContinue reading “Prebiotics”

The Liver & Its Usefulness

Most of us have probably heard of the liver and how it helps breakdown any alcohol we ingest. And whilst this is true it has so many more functions to perform. Without a functioning liver a person cannot survive. This essential organ is involved in over 500 vital functions. Some of its many functions include:Continue reading “The Liver & Its Usefulness”

The Pitfalls Of A Holiday

I recently went on a wonderful holiday to an island. The island had three restaurants to choose from for all meals. One, a Japanese option, the other two best described as Australian fast food. The Japanese was lovely and healthy; unfortunately was only open four of the days. The other two were open all theContinue reading “The Pitfalls Of A Holiday”

Stand Taller Live Longer

The relationship between posture and health is not surprising since posture is the physical end result of how your body deals with the millions of inputs to your brain from your environment. The brain receives inputs from the nervous system every single second. Our posture is how we have adapted to these inputs of theContinue reading “Stand Taller Live Longer”