Did you know we are made up of a combination of human cells and micro-organisms? This is known as your microbiome. Just focusing on the bacterial side of our microbiome of which most are beneficial to our health and wellbeing and a small number (if allowed to heavily populate) can cause disease. However having theContinue reading “Prebiotics”

Improving Gut Health At Home

This month is all about gut health. I’m sure we have all experienced issues with our gut at one time or another. Many people now suffer from food intolerances and chronic gut issues. I truly believe this is due to our high stress lifestyle and poor diet – and the research agrees3. There are manyContinue reading “Improving Gut Health At Home”

Almost Magical Mushrooms

Gotcha! You thought I was going to write about magic mushrooms……well we may not be talking Psilocybin but some of the traditional Chinese and Japanese medicinal mushrooms are pretty magical. The Chinese and Japanese have been using mushrooms as medicine for thousands of years. I had my first experience using these a few years ago.Continue reading “Almost Magical Mushrooms”

Prebiotics, Probiotics & Immune Health

Most of us have heard of antibiotics, and their role in the medical world in treating the ‘bad bacteria’ which may cause infections and serious health complications. But if ‘bad bacteria’ exist, do ‘good bacteria’ exist? The answer is YES! Our body has thousands2 of different types of good and bad bacteria (and other microflora)Continue reading “Prebiotics, Probiotics & Immune Health”